AI Eczema App

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Eczemaless is an advanced AI app designed to help individuals track and manage their eczema effectively. The app aids in monitoring triggers, creating care routines, and analyzing the correlation between different factors affecting eczema. Featuring real-time weather alerts, food tracking with image recognition, and intuitive graphs, users can gain actionable insights into their condition. Eczemaless supports multiple languages, making it accessible globally.

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Key Features:

  • Eczema Severity Score: Submit images of eczema plaques to get a severity score.
  • Real-time Weather Alerts: Receive updates on environmental factors affecting eczema.
  • Food Tracker: Identify food triggers via AI-assisted image recognition.
  • User-Friendly Graphs: Gain insights through detailed graphs and trend analysis.
  • Customized Care Routines: Create or select care routines tailored to individual needs.

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