AI Roguelite

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AI Roguelite stands as the world’s first text-based RPG where every element, from locations and NPCs to items and crafting recipes, is fully generated by artificial intelligence. Built for explorers craving endless adventure, the game uses GPT text generation AI to create an infinite world filled with unique challenges and surprises. By integrating AI-driven combat and crafting, the game ensures an ever-evolving experience that keeps players engaged.

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Key Features:

  • AI-Generated World: Infinite, AI-created locations, NPCs, and enemies.
  • Unique Crafting Recipes: AI determines items from ingredient combinations.
  • AI-Driven Combat: Custom attacks and plausible outcomes generated by AI.
  • Dynamic Illustrations: AI-generated visuals using Stable Diffusion technology.
  • Multiple Model Options: Free, paid cloud, or local GPU models available.

Model Type: PAID

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