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Broearn Browser revolutionizes Web 3.0 browsing by incorporating a multi-chain wallet, cutting-edge security features, and built-in AI assistance. Users benefit from speed, security, and a rewards system that incentivizes engagement. Additionally, Broearn’s multi-chain support provides unparalleled flexibility and decentralized application integration. Personalize your browsing with custom widgets while staying private with the built-in VPN.

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Key Features:

  • Multi-Chain Wallet: Supports various blockchain networks for versatile crypto management.
  • Built-in AI Assistant: Provides instant answers and seamless interaction based on GPT-4.0.
  • High Security: Features phishing protection, secure clipboard, and malicious address checker.
  • Reward System: Earn rewards by completing tasks, watching interactive ads, or shopping with tokens.
  • Free VPN: Included to ensure private data remains secure from third parties.

Model Type: FREE/PAID

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