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Coinfeeds offers a comprehensive suite of tools for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Users can receive personalized, actionable insights directly in their inbox, including price data, market cap, and the latest news. Additionally, the platform provides custom portfolio monitoring, a crypto news feed API, and an AI-powered chatbot to assist with crypto-related queries. This is ideal for staying updated and making informed investment decisions.

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Key Features:

  • Custom Portfolio Monitoring: Tailored portfolio monitoring services for tracking cryptocurrency investments.
  • Personalized Newsletters: Receive curated cryptocurrency insights and updates straight to your inbox.
  • Crypto AI Chatbot: An AI-powered chatbot for real-time market data and general crypto queries.
  • News Feed API: A robust API offering real-time news, tweets, podcasts, and videos for major cryptocurrencies.
  • Fundraising Intel: Comprehensive tracking of advancements and fundraising in the crypto startup ecosystem.

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