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Ema leverages its proprietary Generative Workflow Engine™ and EmaFusion™ model to automate complex workflows through simple conversations. Integrated with over 200 apps, Ema offers top-tier data governance and unrivaled accuracy by blending public and private models. Transform your business with a trusted, compliant AI that resolves CX issues autonomously and drastically reduces operational costs.

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Key Features:

  • Multi-Role Support: Ema offers standard and specialized personas for various roles.
  • Data Governance: Secure and compliant handling of sensitive information.
  • EmaFusion™ Model: Combines public and private models for exceptional accuracy.
  • Conversational Automation: Simplifies complex workflows using a conversation interface.
  • Pre-Integrated Apps: Ready-to-use with over 200 pre-integrated applications.

Model Type: PAID

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