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FutureSearch is an advanced AI research assistant that answers complex, uncertain questions by employing historical analogies, real-time data analysis, and probabilistic modeling. It’s designed to provide users with highly-researched, detailed, and unbiased answers, covering topics from current events to future predictions. Users can frame their own questions or search from a repository of frequently asked questions. With FutureSearch, gain deeper insights where other AI systems can’t deliver.

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Key Features:

  • Probabilistic Inference: Provides answers with concrete dates, numbers, and probabilities.
  • Historical Analogies: Identifies and models historical events to draw parallels to current situations.
  • Real-Time Research: Compiles data from global news, government reports, and industry analysis.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Automatically generates detailed reports based on research and models.
  • Unbiased Insights: Minimizes biases to provide neutral information on partisan issues.

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