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Lingtual allows users to build AI-driven tools and chatbots that connect seamlessly to applications like PDFs, databases, browsers, calendars, emails, and company APIs, all without requiring any coding skills. With Lingtual, users can deploy AI agents across platforms like SMS, Slack, and embeddable widgets, ensuring quick setup and comprehensive functionalities. The platform supports OAuth2 for secure connections and offers extensive integrations for both internal and external services, maximizing operational efficiency and flexibility.

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Key Features:

  • No Coding Required: Build AI tools without any programming knowledge.
  • Wide Integration: Connects seamlessly with PDFs, DBs, email, calendar, and more.
  • Multi-Platform Deployment: Deploy AI tools on SMS, Slack, API, and embeddable widgets.
  • Secure Connections: OAuth2 support ensures secure data interactions.
  • Custom Connectors: Use custom connectors to integrate with internal services.

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