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The Lucyd app offers a hands-free way to interact with ChatGPT using voice commands. Users can activate Siri or Google Voice to start a ChatGPT session through their mobile devices or wearables, such as Lucyd eyewear. The app allows users to speak their queries and hear responses, without needing to type or read. It also includes features like speech history replay and email export.

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Key Features:

  • Voice Activation: Use Siri or Google Voice with the wake word 'Use Lucyd'.
  • Hands-Free Interaction: Speak to ChatGPT on any supportive wearable device.
  • History Features: Replay and export past inquiries and responses.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and efficient text and speech interface.
  • Free and Paid Models: Free to use with additional paid features for future enhancements.

Model Type: FREE/PAID

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