Planfit – Personal Trainer

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Planfit is designed to provide beginners with a personalized workout plan powered by AI. It tailors exercises based on user goals, strength, training history, and gym setup, optimizing sets, reps, and weights. With hundreds of detailed exercise guides, users can maximize workouts with proper form. The ChatGPT-powered AI trainer, ‘Max,’ offers motivation and tailored support throughout your fitness journey. Track progress visually to stay motivated and safe.

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Key Features:

  • Personalized Workout Optimization: Tailors plans based on goals, strength, and history.
  • AI Trainer Support: ChatGPT-powered 'Max' motivates and supports users.
  • Detailed Exercise Guides: Hundreds of videos and instructions for proper form.
  • Visual Progress Tracking: Tracks muscle recovery, achievements, and calories burnt.
  • Free Access: Offers comprehensive workout planning for free.

Model Type: FREE

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