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Rootly AI is designed to enhance your incident management process by providing AI-driven automation, proactive troubleshooting suggestions, and comprehensive reporting features. It helps reduce incident resolution time by 91%, ensures constant context awareness, and leverages historical data to suggest best practices. Rootly AI integrates with platforms like Datadog and GitHub, acts as a single interface to manage your tools, and maintains enterprise-grade privacy and security standards.

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Key Features:

  • Incident Summarization: AI-generated summaries to quickly understand the situation.
  • Related Incident Detection: Leverages historical data to detect similarities and suggest solutions.
  • Proactive Troubleshooting: Provides helpful tips and ideas for incident resolution.
  • Data Integration: Pulls data from Datadog, GitHub, and more for a cohesive interface.
  • Enterprise-Grade Privacy: Ensures data security and privacy compliant with regulations.

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