Rude Karma

Category: Lifestyle / Entertainment


Rude Karma is a unique astrology app that adds a playful twist to traditional horoscope readings. Providing daily horoscopes with a sassy tone, the app allows users to choose between ‘nice’ or ‘rude’ mode. It also keeps users updated on lunar and celestial events, aiding in astral navigation and letting you know which planet to blame. Perfect for sharing with friends, Rude Karma provides an unapologetic look at your monthly moon cycles and life’s current transits.

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Key Features:

  • Sassy Daily Horoscopes: Choose between 'nice' or 'rude' tone.
  • Event Updates: Keep up with lunar and celestial events.
  • Shareable Horoscopes: Pass along to friends by sun signs.
  • Monthly Moon Cycles: Receive monthly reality checks.
  • Astral Navigation: Study life’s current transits with ease.

Model Type: FREE/PAID

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